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Karen Westheimer

/about me

Born in USA, 1950

Studied Pictorial Arts at UCLA, Bachelor of Arts

Karen Westheimer has exhibited her works at several galleries throughout California, illustrated children’s books, done layout work and explored many mediums.  Karen  enjoys all kinds of artistic endeavors and challenges-her current favorite medium is watercolor, pairing it with another favorite of hers, dogs. The whimsical collection “Dogs I Have Known….And A Few Stray Cats” was on exhibit at the Humanities Gallery at Chico State University in 2010.

Karen enjoys the whimsical and likes to think she injects a bit of it into all her endeavors. Though art can be an outlet for all kinds of emotions, for Karen it best reflects the joy and delight that can be found in the simple head tilt of a dog or a laughing smile on it's face.  She feels most successful when her work makes someone else smile.

Karen is available for pet portraiture and enjoys working from photographs, epecially those with the pet in a favorite or familiar setting. Her paintings start at $125.00.

Print ready layout work, logo design and puppet work are available as well.  Please feel free to contact her if you have questions or would like to commission  her work.

"Even in that hugely hard medium, it still has the Karen tilt/smile/a little bit tipsy touch"


​On Karen's topiary elephant:

-Thomasin Saxe,
1078 Gallery, Board of Directors
Former Director, Humanities Center Gallery/Chico State University

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